How to reduce your website’s Alexa rank!


Alexa rank

Alexa rank is very much important for any kinds of blog and website. How much is your website and your competitor is ahead of the competition by pointing at the Alexa rank. The fewer the better your rankings. So, everybody wants to reduce his/her own blog and website Alexa rankings quickly.check your website alexa ranking.

Today we discuss about Alexa rank.

  • Setup Alexa Tool To your Site
  • Regularly Update Unique content to the site
  • Verify the Alexa
  • Use Alexa Widget To your Site
  • Use Social Media
  • Keep an eye on the SEO of the Site
  • Create Good Back link
  • Keep an eye on Special subject of a Site
  • Site speed
  • Site Design

Setup Alexa Tool To your Site

Take the first Alexa tool, you can set your browser to any site in just 1 click Besides, since the system is able to see the Alexa rank of Alexa toolbar installed on their browser to detect them So, if your browser is set to grow quickly and be able to rank your site.

Click below to download the tool, you can set the browser.

Regularly Update Unique content to the site

Try to keep your site updated daily unique tune, use the product and image. Never copy the image from another site and should not be. SERP also backward it.

Verify the Alexa

Please register at the site of the first Alexa. To claim your site then. Alexa took a verification file to your server, or on the homepage you can verify with a verification code. Please verify your site using this link.

Use Alexa Widget To your Site

If possible use Alexa in your site.

Alexa likes the site or blog on their sites or blogs using the Alexa widget Use Side-bar or footer of your site .You can use Alexa widget where you can use your site’s Alexa rank, backlinks, including some data show. Take the following code placed anywhere on your site. Putting links to your site by changing the

Use Social Media

Reduce ranking in Alexa social media is the helpful hand. Tune in every link of your site on various social media sites constantly share.  Doing this, you find a lot of referral traffic to your blog’s or website and Alexa rank will improve.


Keep an eye on the SEO of the Site

The way to bring traffic to your site, why not try, without use of SEO the most targeted medium has not come to your site and it is a free medium. So try to increase traffic from search engines. Find more visitors from search engines, your site’s Alexa rank will be reduced more quickly.

Create Good Back link

Backlink is very much important for a website. Create quality backlink for your website or blog. But backlink should be created in the top rated sites. Where there’s hope for additional backlinks you can behind the SERP. Those living in the site’s Alexa rank, domain authority, page rank and better related to your topic, the site tiument, guests tune, trying to get backlinks through reviews and articles.

Keep an eye on Special subject of a Site

Some of your website especially keep an eye on things. If these things do not just wear behind the Alexa rank and SEO also.

  • Site speed
  • Site Design

Site speed

If the speed of your site is not good for long stay visitors come to your site, your bounce rate will be high. Keep an eye on the speed of the site. Use the optimized and best hosting site.

Site Design

The site’s design is not beautiful and user-friendly SEO on your bounce rate will be high, and Alexa rank behind the wear.

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