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Use WhatsApp Business app as a business card

WhatsApp Business

Great news for businesses who wants their business to be omnipresent! Not many years ago, WhatsApp tweeted that it’s working on a new project called WhatsApp Business App which will benefit Small and Medium Businesses. So, here at SEO Ledger we’re going to discuss about its new features and benefits …

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Tips for better e-mail marketing campaigns (part 4)

This is the last post of these series of writings dedicated to e-mail marketing campaigns and the items that should be taken into account in order to be successful in this task. On the first three articles I wrote about some basic subjects that will help to have a better …

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Tips for better e-mail marketing campaigns (part 3)

In this series, I am sharing with the readers of An Entrepreneur Blog some elements that are essential in order to have excellent results with our e-mail marketing campaigns. Being successful in this task is not easy but if we have into account some basic elements we will be able …

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Tips for better e-mail marketing campaigns (part 1)

With Internet, today it is easier to communicate with our clients and possible customers. Since more than a decade ago, companies have understood this and they have taken advantage of tools such as e-mail to approach clients with information about their stores, products and much more. Even though today we …

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Online Advertisement Strategies

Some weeks ago we talked about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in An Entrepreneur Blog. Today we talk of what can be referred as SEO’s counterpart, which is Online Advertisement. I say it is the counterpart, because for SEO you don’t pay the search engine, such as Google, but for online …

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What should you take into account when you have an Online Store (part 5)

In this series we have been talking about the implications of opening an online store. In the first four parts of it I wrote about the importance of marketing (SEO, SEM and Social networks), customer service, means of payment, inventories and storage. In this article I will write about the …

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