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Use WhatsApp Business app as a business card

WhatsApp Business

Great news for businesses who wants their business to be omnipresent! Not many years ago, WhatsApp tweeted that it’s working on a new project called WhatsApp Business App which will benefit Small and Medium Businesses. So, here at SEO Ledger we’re going to discuss about its new features and benefits …

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The technology consulting model without technological solutions

In today’s post I would like to explain one of the most important characteristics of our technology and Internet consulting model, that have brought us many competitive advantages over our competitors but that also has been questioned by many people. The characteristic I am talking about is an advisory model …

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Internet today because tomorrow can be late

Many companies where born on the Internet, but many others where born in the brick and mortar world, but have needed to move to this new media. The first ones that I mention generally have done huge efforts in this media taking into account the fact that they where created …

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Business Innovation: Is there anything really new under the sun?

Business Innovation, along with creativity are two subjects I’m passionate about. My work as a consultant is framed in business innovation, specifically with the subjects of Internet and technology innovations. Innovation has many definitions and I have adopted one where something brings an advantage to a particular organization, but this …

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Help your website with usability

Before I start with this post I want to explain something. I am neither a designer nor a programmer, or in other words I have never designed a website or programmed it, but I always advise my clients so they can have the best results on the web. You might …

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Business trips and the need for connectivity

Today, our world is very different than the world in which we used to live some decades ago. Even though the term globalization is not new, and its development has been the result of a process that has lasted centuries in which knowledge has disseminated, trade and transactions have become …

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