Creative activities to promote innovation (introduction)

 Creative activities to promote innovation

Innovation is a concept that has become very popular, specially in recent years. Every company wants to be innovative and to offer solutions to their problems and the problems of their clients from this perspective. And even if innovation is a concept that has become very popular – as I mentioned before-, it has different meanings and it is sometimes confused with other similar concepts such as creativity.

As I just stated we can find different meanings on the academy for innovation, but in our company Innovintergy Consulting, we have adopted the next meaning because we consider it is very clear and practical. Therefore, we define innovation as the introductions of something (process, product, culture, etc.) that complies with the next characteristics: is new for the company and in a determined time frame it will bring positive financial results. Once again I remind you this is just one of the definitions, but it can be different from other perspectives.

Taking this into account, the question that we ask ourselves is, how can our company be able to innovate? To answer this question, we need to remember the meaning. Innovation is a characteristic of companies, but not people. However, companies are made up of people that even if they can’t be innovative, they need to be creative in order to generate innovation on the company.

With this in mind, and to be able to answer the question we stated before, it is very important that our employees are creative. However, this answer generates a new question: what can we do in order to turn our employees into creative people? Obviously this question can have different answers –this is not an exact science-, but in the series of articles that I am starting to write with this introductory post I will share with all our readers some activities that can be used by companies with their employees in order to promote creativity. Wait for them on my next post, next week.


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