Entrepreneurship for all ages

Entrepreneurship for all ages

In the working world there are two kinds of states: working on your own or working for a business. In my life I have had the opportunity to have both of these conditions. Until a little more than a year I was working as an employee for an important financial enterprise in my country. Being an employee has some benefits such as financial stability, because no matter what, you will always get your paycheck. But as everything in life this benefit has a price that for me was too high: I had to renounce to many things in my personal life.

This is why over a year ago I decided to quit and go on my own by taking entrepreneurship as my life plan. Even though it was not an easy decision for me, I was lucky because I had my family support, and I was clear the risk this involved taking into account that many start-ups don’t make it to their first years, or even months. But the people that have decided to take this way may agree with me that even though it is not an easy decision, the rewards may be great because you may get two very important things financial stability and quality of life.

As I wrote before this decision has important risks that should be taken into account because it works as an investment: the higher the risk, higher the ratability or the loss.  I suppose this is why more than once I have heard that it is easier for a young person to make this change. It is true that with time people grow and also their financial responsibilities: buying cars and houses, getting married, having kids among others. This is the reason why if change our status from employees to entrepreneurs at a short age; the risk of loss will be less.

Even though the last statement is true, I think that more than a subject of age and financial responsibilities we acquire with time is a subject of the capacity of the person to organize itself. It is true that no business will not be productive from a day to another and that is the reason why the entrepreneur must organize itself. In this way, determine clearly a budget for two years, or the time you think you will need to become your business productive. Take into account your financial obligations and in which items you can save money. Also determine how are you going to pay for these obligations while your business becomes productive. These may be personal savings, loans or your spouse’s income.

To conclude remember that changing from being an employee to an entrepreneur it is not an opportunity only for young people and without financial obligations. With a little of organization all of us can make it, if this is our real dream.

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