Human Resources: More tan resources, allies (Part 2)

Human Resources: More tan resources, allies (Part 2)

In the first part of this post, I wrote about entrepreneurs and how they must learn to manage different types of resources once they start their new business, including human resources. To stimulate workers we can use financial incentives such as excellent salaries or additional bonuses. However it is important to remember that our employees are human beings and they require something more that having their pockets full in order to feel confortable on their jobs and in this way give their best at work. In this second post I will write about some non-financial incentives (or at least that don’t finish on our employees checking account) that I think that work great in order to motivate them.

Lets start by bearing in mind that our workers as human beings need leisure time. In this way it is important that our company generates spaces where people can dedicate their time to other activities. This includes activities organized directly by our company such as family day or Christmas party, but also trying to generate agreements with other companies that may provide amusement activities. Examples of these are spas or sports activities.

I also consider that incentives associated with wellbeing of employees’ families are very important. Many of our workers are working in your company in order to provide their families a better life quality. In this way it is very important for us to consider benefits that take into account our employees’ families such as medical insurance, or Christmas presents. The benefit you give them depends on the financial capacity of your business, but the important point is that employees feel that you care for their wellbeing and their families’ wellbeing as well.

Now that we have talked about incentives associated to leisure activities and families’ wellbeing, it is important to remember that people want to advance in their academic and professional life. This is why it is important that your company creates these types of benefits. On the side of academic benefits you can help your employees with courses or give them facilities so they can study such as loans. On the side of professional life give them the opportunity so they can grow in the company. This means that before you go out and look for an employee outside the company be sure that there is no one inside that can perform the job and that is interested in it.

To finish I will like to recommend something that more than a benefit should be a right. In your company you must work in order to generate an organizational culture in which respect and inclusion govern so your employees may work happy.

What I wrote is just a small list of non-financial incentives that I wanted to recommend, but there are a lot that I guess I missed. This is why I invite you to write in the comments section other incentives that you think that are important to take into account on our entrepreneurships.

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