Marketing Strategies to Non-Clients (part 2)

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I started this series of articles thinking in marketing strategies that are not centered in people that are not our actual potential clients. Therefore in the first post of the series I wrote about the strategy that Boeing has been using on the last years especially with their Blog Randy’s Journal in which he talks to common users such as you and me, people who will never buy an airplane from the company. Continuing with this series I will present other marketing strategy that involves people that are not our clients today, but that can become our buyers in the future.

The strategy of “cultivating” our potential clients is not new. Some companies have made it very well in the physical world even before Internet existed. Just to mention an example I remember some Banks that used to give away to children piggy banks and candies. Therefore even though they were not going to become their clients in the short term they where going to remember the brand and when they grew up most likely prefer it rather than the competitors.

Today with Internet this kind of strategies are applied in an easier way. I am presenting an example. Let’s suppose that you have a consulting firm in administrative subjects. Today your potential clients are people who have senior positions on different companies. However you also know that many of the people that are going to have a senior position in 10 to 20 years are the students of bachelor degrees such as management, economics and finances, among others. Therefore a good strategy is to create databases with this type of people and share with them high quality information in management such as news and white papers. With time and a correct implementation of the strategy some of this students will become managers and when they have a problem with an administrative subject they will think in your company, which is in their top on mind and maybe top of heart.

Remember that today with Internet we can do many things that we couldn’t do before. Don’t dismiss strategies that are based in conquering future potential clients and that include email marketing campaigns, social networks and apps.

To conclude this post take into account the strategies that where mentioned in this series of articles that don’t reach directly you clients but can bring you many benefits in the long term.


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