My Goals for 2014

My Goals for 2014

We are just a few days away from ending the first month of 2014 and it is an excellent time to restate the goals we have defined for this year. In the first two articles of 2014 I wrote about starting the New Year with the best things and about reflecting on what happened in 2013. With this third article I officially end the “New Year saga” and move forward to new themes.

In this article I will share with my readers the main goals I have set forward for this 2014. If you have been reading An Entrepreneur Blog and know something about me great, if not I invite you to read an article about me and what I do in life.

Before I begin to share my goals, I want you to do the same. That is, to share with us the goals you have for 2014. You can do this at the end of this article. The idea is that I start and then you share, but please share, if not it will become quite an egocentricity exercise.

What I’m about to share is not a big list of all my goals. In fact is a summary of the main points and objectives I wish to accomplish in this 2014. For that same reason I won’t dig in every single aspect, I will just tell the main aspects of each goal.

My first goal is the launch of my book about Internet Strategies. Initially it will only be available in Spanish, and my objective is that this book will bring me happiness and wealth. It will be great if the book becomes well known, and beyond the economic aspect, which I know it will be great, I will be recognized and know. This will help in the other objectives I will share next.

The second goal I want to achieve in 2014 is the final positioning of my consulting firm, 360° Consulting. In the past 4 years I’ve been working hard to create a name and a unique brand and this year with the launch of the Book, I’m certain I will achieve this.

Also as a consequence of the release of the Book and the success of 360° Consulting, I want to travel frequently in my country and in other countries. People and companies will be looking for me and my firm to give lectures, conferences and other types of venues.

I cannot leave this, my other Blogs and project outside of the goals for 2014. I want (and I know) to achieve greater success from all of them, starting at an economic level, but encountering rewards in other areas. This is true for all the projects we have created at Inversiones Gómez Montes S.A.S.

Although I’m not a big fan of horoscopes I’m a Libra and as such, I’m always looking forward to find balance in my life. I want to achieve this balance in life this 2014, which includes the professional and financial aspects I’ve already discussed, but which also extends to my family, couples and personal life. I’m sure this year will bring me new people and things to conquer this goal.

So there you have it, my main goals for 2014. As you can see they’re mostly centered in my professional life, but without forgetting my personal life. Now it’s your turn to share your goals with all my reader and me. Thanks in advance for your important input.

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