Did Google’s Penguin Update Kill SEO?


Did Google’s Penguin Update Kill SEO?

Over Optimization has been hitting sites like rocking the bowling alley pins – the score just keeps heaping up. Google has now named this overhaul the ‘Penguin’. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt concerning why. Sounds charming isn’t that right?

Did Google’s Penguin Update Kill SEO?
Did Google’s Penguin Update Kill SEO?

The Penguin redesign took off April 24, 2012 and began hitting somewhere in the range of 3.1% of all English inquiries in Google Search. What is it truly and what are the impacts of the Penguin Update to SEO?

The Penguin Update expanded the effectivity of Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the thing that we can call ‘injustice’ among SEO authorities. This is a practice that some SEO experts still execute so as to de-rank their rivals. With the Penguin redesign, Negative SEO’s effectivity was altogether expanded.

The Penguin Update thinks about three capable elements for a punishment:

  • Proportion of Exact Match Anchor Text in Poor Quality Articles
  • Proportion of Bad Links originating from autoapprove, non-directed online journals
  • Proportion of No genuine available activity by any guests contrasted with inbound connections

There were Negative SEO tests led after the Penguin Update. These tests demonstrated that Negative SEO should at present be possible – and all the more so now that the Penguin overhaul is as a result. Rand Fishkin even had a whole Whiteboard Friday devoted to Negative SEO because of the excited Negative SEO buzz from the Penguin Update.

Basically, negative SEO was connected to seofaststart.com with the definite match stay content ‘Dan Thies’.

This was their rankings on March 22 preceding the negative SEO was connected: s

  • eofaststart.com
  • dan thies – number 1
  • seo – number 11
  • seo administration – number 34
    seo book – number 3

This is was their technique for applying Negative SEO:

  • 18yh March – seofaststart.com – blog entries began – stay content “seo” “seo administration” and “seo book”
  • 22th March – seofaststart.com – 1 million scrapebox impact began – 100% grapple content “Dan Thies”
  • 26th March – Dan Thies posts in Twitter that he has gotten an unnatural connections message.

This was their rankings on April eighteenth after the Negative SEO was connected:

  • Seo faststart.com
  • dan thies – number 1 (still number 1)
  • seo – not in main 1000 (down from number 11)
  • seo administration – not in main 1000 (down from number 34)
  • seo book – number 34 (down from number 3)
Did Google’s Penguin Update Kill SEO?
Did Google’s Penguin Update Kill SEO?

Negative SEO can be an effective SERP rank executioner if done accurately. Of course, it is treachery and is by and large disapproved of in the SEO people group. The dismal truth is, Negative SEO professionals are not helping the SEO business out.

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