Plant and wait for the harvest in your new businesses

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I start this post with its conclusion: the entrepreneurship world is made only for people who have time to plant and wait for the harvest. Owning a business is an idea that sounds nice for many people, but it is an option that is not made for everyone. Only people that have time and the capacity to wait for the harvest, should try it. If this is not your case it is much better for you to keep working as an employee.

The question here is the following: how much time do we need to wait in order to pick up the fruits of our harvest? The truth is that there is not an answer to this question and there wouldn’t be so many people disappointed with the entrepreneurship path, if an answer existed. However I believe that as there is not an answer for this question, we should be at least realistic.

Being realistic and entrepreneurs seem as a difficult formula to obtain, because at the beginning the only thing you have is a business idea and dreams. These dreams are important because they are the engine that make us continue our way, but at the same time it is very important to have our feet on the ground and understanding that it is unlikely having a successful business in a short term. Therefor the financial forecasting we establish must have at least the next two elements: a pessimistic scenario and a growth over the long term, not in a sudden way. In this way the entrepreneur will be able to see the risks and a more realistic scenario and also prepare to plant in a short term and pickup the harvest in posterior phases of the business.

To end this post I want to share our case. 360° Consulting, the firm that sponsosrs this blog, started about 5 years ago in a business that was rare for the market –at that time-, because people where used to look for a company that will develop their webpage and not for an Internet strategist. However over the years we have come to show the importance of thinking in strategy before the construction of the webpage, and why it is logical. The truth is that only until the second year, we where able to sign a contract, and since then we have been growing each year, picking up the harvest we planted earlier.

Therefore I repeat the sentence with which I started this post, the entrepreneurship world is made only for people who have time to plant and wait for the harvest. Are you this kind of person?


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