Prepare yourself to reach for your Goals

Prepare yourself to reach for your Goals

In previous articles of An Entrepreneur Blog, we’ve talked about the importance of visualization. In this process, one of the key aspects is to set your goals, prepare yourself to achieve them and feel as if you have already conquered these goals. This sounds more complicated than it is, however too many people fail in this task. It takes patience and practice to learn to think this way.

I like to plan most of my activities, in part, because I believe this allows me to enjoy them better. For instance, when I plan a trip ahead of time, I visualize what I’m going to do and I feel what I will be feeling in a couple of months. Besides this being a rewarding experience, it allows me to see my goals and work for them.

As an entrepreneur, you must define clearly your objectives and work for them. It’s great if you can visualize these goals and the most important thing you can do is start feeling good about them. Many of these goals will probably be achieved in several years, even decades, but believe you already have them. Imagine how good you will feel when you have achieve the goals, and believe it’s happening today. I know that this is not always easy, but give it a try.

I don’t care what are your goals, as an entrepreneur or in your personal life, but always visualize. You can’t receive any achievement, at least properly, if you’re not prepared for them. For instance, start right now to feel how you will feel when you retire from building a successful company, when you receive your first one million dollar payment, when you sell your company for millions or billions of dollars or when you are awarded a price for all your entrepreneurship efforts. Many of these goals will take time, but you can start to savor them now.

Some of the goals I’ve mentioned might sound crazy and farfetched, but if other people have achieved them so can you. There’s nothing impossible for your mind and your dreams. The only real obstacle between you and your dreams is your mind. If your mind plays along and believes you can achieve whatever you have in your mind, you will do just that. However if you mind says “no”, well guess what, that’s exactly what the outcome will be. Again, this is not easy to do, especially if you believe life is hard and you’ll never conquer your dreams. But if you learn to change the way you think, life will be easy and you’ll accomplish anything you want.

If you haven’t defined your goals, well then take time to do this. Think, analyze and define your goals, no matter how big you think they are. Once you define them, believe in them as if they have already been achieved, feel good about yourself and off course, work to achieve them, taking action when needed.

Please remember to share with us at the bottom of this page your goals and what you’re doing to achieve them. We want to hear from you and we might even be able to advice you or give you that extra push you need to follow your dreams. So don’t be shy and leave your comments and have a wonderful day and best of luck with your goals.

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