Reasons to not fall blindly in love with your business idea

Reasons to not fall blindly in love with your business idea

In this time of the year when people celebrate Saint Valentine’s day, many are happy because they have found their soulmate. This special person according to their beloved has a lot of characteristics and qualities that make him or her unique. In other words they may say he or her has the perfect fit for them.

The case mentioned in the previous paragraph can happen also to entrepreneurs. But the one I am mentioning here is when they fall in love not with another person but with their business idea. However as in the case of love between human beings, this love cannot be excessive and I will explain why.

In first place a business idea that will evolve to a business plan and then to a real entrepreneurship, as any business will have weaknesses and strengths. This is why the entrepreneur cannot become blind with this love and has to know how to take advantage of the strengths but also know the weaknesses of the business in order to invest time and effort or other resources, so they don’t affect the business.

The other reason why the entrepreneur should not fall blindly in love with his business idea is because he losses all objectivity in the subject and would not know when to say, “It is enough”. Unfortunately with time not all entrepreneurships become successful businesses and many of these imply financial resources for every unit of time they are working. This does not means that we should close our businesses if we are not receiving the financial returns we where expecting, but to develop a critical eye in order to know when to say it is enough. Many times it is very difficult for the entrepreneurs to take this decision and they end up spending more money than they should have.

With this post I am not inviting you to stop loving your business idea. As with the example that I presented in the introduction of this post you must love and be proud of your entrepreneurship as you are with your partner. But as in any kind of relationship this must be a healthy love. In this way I invite you to feel a nurturing love and never ever let this love convert into a blind one.

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