Retargeting, a useful variable for online advertising (part 4)


In these series of articles I have been writing about retargeting and I have been able to share with my readers some subjects that are basic in order to understand this practice. Before you continue reading I recommend you to read my previous posts in which I differentiate traditional online publicity with retargeting, how does it works and how should it be implemented and finally how is it measured and evaluated.


Some last advices about retargeting…

In this last post on this subject I wanted to present some last advices that you should take into account before you decide to implement a retargeting campaign. Applying these elements can translate into a real success of your campaign.

The first advice is to understand that this is a different channel and not the same one of the traditional online advertisement. Therefore as I mentioned in the first post of these series the target is very different. Understanding this is very important because the idea is not to recycle traditional online campaigns, but create new ones that talk to this market segment. The message and images we use in this campaigns should have some specific characteristics that will make them interesting to people that have been on our web page. Additionally we must understand that this channel must be analyzed and optimized not only with ads but also with landing pages that help me catch this people.

The second advice is that too much retargeting can generate the opposite effect. Even though it is true that showing our ad with a high frequency will increase the probability that the person will click on it, we cannot bombard them with our ads. Showing the add 7 to 12 times in a 30 days period is acceptable, but showing it more than this may bother some people. Unfortunately some companies have not understand this and show their ad with a higher frequency and although it might be bringing traffic to their web pages, the cost is higher if we take into account all the people that have been bothered by it. Generally it isn’t worth it.

The last advice I wanted to present is that once we start doing retargeting it is very important that we commit with it. This means we should invest time and money but also we should track it and measure it, in order to adjust it over time. Experience tells that this type of campaigns have better results after some time, so we should not give up if the first results are not what we expect.


With these three advices I finish this series of posts that I hope you have enjoyed, but what I really want is that it helps you when you need to implement a retargeting campaign. If you know other advices or tips on this subject I encourage you to share them with my readers in the section of comments in this webpage.


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