Retargeting, a useful variable for online advertising


At An Entrepreneur Blog, additional to writing about entrepreneurship subjects, we have been talking about many tools that can be used in businesses and that can help entrepreneurs, but also experienced businessmen. This is the reason why in this post and in the next ones I will talk about a term that has become very popular in marketing and online advertisement: retargeting.


Retargeting Basics

Let’s start by the fundamentals: What is retargeting? The definition of this concept states that is a form of publicity in which we try to get to the users that have been visiting previously my web page with different types of online ads. It is very possible that you have been target of this kind of advertisement when you feel an ad is following you in your social networks, Internet pages and search engines, because you previously entered to their webpage.

And what is the idea behind this way of online advertisement? Lets remember the conversion funnel in which on the first stages we try to reach different users so they get to know our brand and products. This is what we do with traditional online advertisement where we just try to find people with some characteristics that make them related with our type of product. On following phases of the funnel, people know our products and brand, but at the end not all of them perform the purchase. With retargeting, we try to reach this people that already know us but that for any reason they have not been able to end the purchase, so that they do end it. We know they are interested because they have visited our web page or even have selected products into the shopping cart.

As you can imagine this process is very different to the traditional process of online advertisement. The reason is because with traditional online advertisement we are reaching people who doesn’t now us and we must present our brand and generate trust. Unlike this traditional model, with retargeting people are likely to know us and trust in our brand. Therefor the message and all the elements of the publicity will be very different.


On my next posts, learn more about retargeting such as how to implement it and how to measure it, which are the subjects of my next article.


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