Starting 2015 with economies affected by the price drop of petroleum

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This is the first post I am writing for 2015 -that is actually just starting­- after a period in which I wasn’t able to write due to my workload. First of all I want to apologize for not writing during this period but I hope I can be able to share in this new year my knowledge about entrepreneurship and internet strategies with all my readers.

Secondly I wanted to write about some thoughts I have about entrepreneurship for this year. At the end of last year many economies where highly affected – especially the petroleum producers- with the petroleum price drop. It is very likely that this situation doesn’t change on the next months and that it gets even worse. This situation has also affected the price of many local currencies that have lost value against the dollar.

With this situation it might happen that some economies enter to a crisis and that businessmen be affected. These crises can be more difficult for entrepreneurs who are just starting a business, growing it and that they don’t have the force to deal with an economic crisis.

Remember that the business world is not always easy and that even if today we are saying we might be affected by the petroleum prices drop, other situations can also affect our business. This is why we have to learn to prepare our businesses and ourselves for crises and react to these situations. It is true that many companies fall apart in crises but it is also true that many are able to survive and even thrive in these moments.

I think we can do some things in order to affront an economic crisis. Fist of all and as I said before we must prepare and react. When situations change, strategies and tactics must also change including seeking for new markets, developing new products, lowering prices among others. Secondly our mind will play a vital roll in the way in which we deal with the crisis. This means we shouldn’t despair and act with a tranquil mind.

I know all I have just stated is not easy but remember that crises don’t thrust all companies and that as businessmen and entrepreneurs we have a huge responsibility with our employees and ourselves.


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