Striking the Balance in Life 1 – Introduction

Striking the Balance in Life 1 – Introduction

Many years ago I understood that life is great, leaving aside the normal problems everyone has and that it is at our hands, in a great deal, to be happy or sad. In the same fashion I understood that part of the “secret to life” is finding the equilibrium in the many things we do. For instance, not everything can be work, nor studying, nor playing. Our task is to find the “right balance”.

Elaborating on this ideas, I decided that my first series of articles at An Entrepreneur Blog for 2016 will be about striking balance in life. In the following weeks I’ll be analyzing this important topic and how we can achieve this important balance in all aspects of life.

I don’t want to go ahead and spoil the next articles, all I can anticipate is that I’ll be talking about several themes that I’m sure are on the minds of all entrepreneurs. Also, I’m confident that people who are not entrepreneurs will also find this articles quite useful.

As always at An Entrepreneur Blog, I’ll be sharing my ideas and personal vision. However, I stress this is my vision and that doesn’t mean this is the absolute truth. That is why I recommend that you read this articles with first, a critic vision and seeing what will and won’t work in your personal life. And second, that you complete these ideas with your own experience and what you think will be important in your personal life. In fact, I invite you to share your own vision and debate my ideas in the Commentary section of this Blog.

I hope you will read my following articles and that this is an interesting topic for you. My main objective is that you start thinking in the equilibrium in life and what has to been done to accomplish it. See you in the next installment!

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