Take a Break and Think on What You Really Want

Take a Break and Think on What You Really Want

Every couple of weeks, I like to take a small break from my work and daily shores, and just think on my objectives, my life and what I’m hoping to achieve. I find this exercise quite fulfilling and something that should be done by everyone. Our chaotic and complicated life many times is an obstacle for this exercise, but it’s important to do it. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and having your mind “go blank” for a couple of minutes, or a little more complex, for instance, doing a formal meditation with some Yoga.

As soon as I post this Friday article, I’m going to do this exercise. This is the reason why today’s article is shorter than usual. I just wanted to share with my readers the importance of this exercise. I’ve found that not only does it keep me focus on what I want to do with my life, but it also relaxes me and you could say it “recharges my batteries”.

To make this exercise a success, I recommend you find a quiet and lonely room or use some noise canceling headphones (I personally use Sony’s Noise Canceling Headphones which are superb and you can find them at Amazon.com very cheap). It’s very important that you’re not in a hurry. If you only have five minutes, leave all your worries behind for those 5 minutes.

The other important aspect is to concentrate on what you want to achieve. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to get your product into the market, visualize its success. If you’re thinking of your soul mate, think of the end result with him or her. For some people it’s easier to visualize the image with movement, so if you’re having a hard time concentrating try this.

One last aspect that can be helpful is to listen to some music. I like to listen to soft, yoga type music. If you don’t have music available, there are some great Internet stations streaming all type of music. Apple’s ITunes for instance has a great collection of stations that you can access for free.

If you’ve never done this before, I recommend you do it. If you have done it, then start practicing it regularly, I’m sure you’ll start seeing the results in the short run. And as always, tell us about your experience and also your tips of how to make this practice even better.

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