Technologies for Entrepreneurs 6 – Using the Right Software

Technologies for Entrepreneurs 6 – Using the Right Software

In this series about Technologies for Entrepreneurs, I’ve focused on hardware solutions. I’ve talked about computers, both desktops and laptops, Tablets, Cellphones and Wearable devices, like smart glasses and watches. Today I focus on the other end of the spectrum, that is, in the software part of the equation.

There are many categories of software that are important to analyze. For this article I will talk in general about software, because in upcoming articles I will deal with several important categories. Also, it is important to understand that under the software categories, I also include the famous Apps for mobile devices, which is software with a prettier name.

Devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones are great, however is what they can do, what really defines them. And here is where the software comes into play. You can buy for example, the best computer, from the best brand, with the best speed and a high price. But without software, the computer won’t be worth a single dime.

You can compare the previous example, with something that can happen in the car world. You can buy the best car, with the best motor and capable of reaching high speed. However, if instead of using the car with gasoline, you decide to use plain water, the car won’t start and run. A computer without the proper software is like a car without gas.

As entrepreneurs, our mission is to find the correct type of gas or software to run our daily life. Some of the software offerings are so basic we don’t even realize them. In my case, I can’t imagine myself leaving without an agenda and a contact application. These two software pieces make my life easier and more productive. If I didn’t have them I will find an alternative, but certainly, it would be a huge change in my way of living and doing businesses.

There are more advance software categories, such as Office related apps and security that I will analyze in future articles. For the time being, it’s important to say that there are many software titles we need as entrepreneurs and that we have to analyze how the can help us on our daily and business life. Also, some might even change the way we perform some tasks.

Our mission is an ongoing task, to find and use the right software. It’s not always easy to find the correct apps, many times it’s a trial-and-error process, but if we do it, life can be great. As I said before, some will be basic apps; some will be more advances software tittles.

A category of software you should take into account is the ones related to games and relax. They probably won’t be part of the business area, but are important for times when we need to relax and think about other things.

In the upcoming articles I will analyze different software categories we have to know about as entrepreneurs. So keep tune, reading and giving your own feedback.

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