Technologies for Entrepreneurs 8 – Office Software

Technologies for Entrepreneurs 8 – Office Software

For the eight installment of this series, I will deal with one of the most important categories in technologies for entrepreneurs, under the right software subcategory. In this case I’m talking about office related software packages, which we use on our daily life for so many things.

The office software packages have several unique characteristics. First, we can say it is universal software, as people from all over the globe, every country, most languages and more use them daily. Also, it is a software with many characteristics, most of them basic used by the majority of users, but also with some hidden advanced characteristics. Plus, it is the basis for other type of software and solutions used by many people.

The market of office related software is lead by Microsoft Office, with its versions for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, like iOS of Apple and Android of Google. However there are other alternatives; for instance, Apple has a office package for its Mac and there is a very good open source and free alternative, called

I’m not a Microsoft fan in any way; actually it’s quite the opposite. However I’ve tried several alternatives to Microsoft’s Office and I always come back. And lately with their innovative time-based licensing model, I’ve become a constant user of this software. This package is called Office 365 and allows user to pay for licenses according to their needs in a monthly or yearly basis. In this model you have access to the latest version of their software, plus you can store files on Microsoft cloud-based service.

Most of us, including most entrepreneurs, use office related apps every single day. However, we rarely understand how important this software is for us, how it can increase our productivity and make us money. I invite you to take a course where you learn more about this software and how you can use it for more things.

There are companies that use office programs like Excel for everything. Sure, Excel has the capacity, but maybe it’s not always the best choice. For instance, many companies use spreadsheets to track their expenses, staff and more. There are better tools for these functions. So use this software wisely and see where other apps can handle information in a better way.

Next time you use an office-related application, analyze how you’re using it and how it can serve you better. You will probably be amazed by the answer and make this software much more valuable to you.

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