What does an entrepreneur has to face? (part 2)

What does an entrepreneur has to face? (part 2)

In my last post, that was my thirtieth article for the blog An Entrepreneur, I started a series of writings that show the difficulties an entrepreneur must face in the independence and business success path. Once again I want to clarify that what I am writing in these lines does not pretend to discourage the entrepreneurship path, because I must say that my experience in it has been very positive and rewarding. I just intend to warn the people that decide to walk this road in order for them to prepare because even though it is a marvelous lifestyle, it is far from being easy.

In the last post, I warn about the difficulty to obtain financial resources via bank credits and venture capital. This goes hand in hand with what I will expose in this article. Sometimes being aware of how hard it is to obtain financial resources we decide to start our business with the least possible capital. This makes that many entrepreneurs need to face roles that they never had experienced before.

The first role that sometimes is new for entrepreneurs is being a salesman. This role might be assumed in two occasions. In one hand the entrepreneur might need to acquire capital in banks or investment companies. Thereby he must convince them that that he has a great business idea that can become a great business in order to make them write the check. To do this he must assume the salesman role. On the other hand if the entrepreneur already has the money to start his business but he needs it to last over time, he might need to assume once again this salesman role in order to commercialize his goods and services.

The second role the new businessman might have to assume in many occasions in the executor role. On the first days of our business, many times we don’t have enough resources in order to hire a broad workforce, forcing the entrepreneur to execute some tasks that a CEO usually does not perform. I want to clarify that I am not giving my point of view in relation to this subject. I know that some people might think CEO’s must perform this kind of tasks while others might think they shouldn’t, but here I am just mentioning what happens many times in entrepreneurships that don’t have all the resources they need.

The last role I am going to mention is the decision maker role. One of the reasons why many people decide to become businessmen is to become managers. Like anything in life this has advantages but also disadvantages. If you are the person in charged of the business, you must take decisions and in your shoulders will fall the success or failure of these decisions.

To finish this post I will present a small summary. In the entrepreneur path, entrepreneurs might have to face some difficulties, from which I have presented two: complications in order to obtain financial resources and the obligation to assume different roles (salesman, executor and decision maker). In my next post I will write about other difficulties an entrepreneur might find in his path.

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