Have you ever heard about web hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

Lets began something you are familiar with website. Have you ever think that how a website was viewed? Before a website is accessible through the internet, it goes through several processes..Firstly, you need a professional web designer, he/she will design the web page based on your needs by using scripts such as HTML-5,CSS-3 etc.

After the design job is done, the website is not 100% complete yet. This is because the design files are only stored  in the web designer’s computer, and not available on the internet yet. So, how can we get our website connected to the internet? So that people around the world will have access to it.

The next step, also the most important step is to upload all your web files to a server which is connected  to the world wide web (WWW).Once the files are 100% uploaded, you will then have a website which is accessible through the internet. So who is providing this server? By renting the server space from a provider is what we called as “WEB HOSTING”. In order for your friends to visit your website you need a domain name.

What is Domain Name? It basically refers to the URL address like google.com, Yahoo.com.Facebook.com etc.

Having a website is just like owning a house.

  • Web hosting = Space
  • Web Design= House Renovation
  • Web development = Working, Renovation of the House
  • Domain Name = House Address

So that your friends or customer are able visit your Place!!

With These Requirement you have a website to your own.

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