Who can I turn to in moments of crisis?

Who can I turn to in moments of crisis?

Every one of us, at least those of us who have lived some years on this world, have gone through crisis. When we are at one of those moments of crisis, it’s usual to see only the negative and dark aspects and are impaired to see that things will eventually change for the better. I’m a firm believer that any situation can be changed and that tomorrow will always be better. I play loose with the word “tomorrow”, as this is not necessarily literal and can take several days, months or even a couple of years.

In my lifetime I’ve had several crisis, some of them quite serious. My last entrepreneur-related crisis was that my company went broke, something I’ve talked about in several articles of An Entrepreneur Blog. It was sad to see how the project I had worked so hard, for so many hours, which I had my future and faith in, crumbled to the floor and there was nothing I could do. At that moment I had a big crisis and for some time I didn’t know how to proceed with my life.

Throughout my life I’ve had a big ally and it’s that I’m a positive person, which helped me greatly during this crisis. However, I was able to overcome this situation with the help of many people. It’s key to have people around you who are willing to give you a hand and help you in your darkest time. I found that most people are good and will try to help you, as much as their possibilities allow. But as you can imagine, there are also people who will run and hide as soon as they hear the word “crisis”, while others will try to take advantage of your problems, just to gain some profit.

As none of us is exempted from living a crisis I wanted to share what I’ve lived through and how I overcame this situation. The first element, as I said earlier, is to have good people near you. Tell your closest relatives, your partners and closest friends about your problems. Many will try to help and at least give some advice. At this moment you will know for sure who are those that will stand by you and those that walk by your side only when the sun is shinning bright.

Another thing to do is to turn to things that will clear your mind and make you take better decisions. For some people this might include going to a retreat to talk with God (or to the universe or yourself), by visiting a church or some type of temple. Another idea might be to go to some quite place, maybe surrounded by nature or take a small trip to some secluded area.

When I had this crisis, one of my biggest allies was to read books and see movies on the themes of positivity and personal growth. They helped me in seeing that everything is temporal and that the long run will be different from my current situation.

I can’t overstress that the current situation is only temporal. If you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. We have the tools, company and knowledge to turn around any situation, from a financial problem to a breakup or a death. It’s in your own hands.

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