Your Actions Should be Big, Your Dreams Even Bigger

Your Actions Should be Big, Your Dreams Even Bigger

When someone, for instance you, decided (or decides) to become an Entrepreneur, it was clear you were not taking the easiest road. A lot of work was required and big accomplishments will take time. This is a fact that every entrepreneur and everyone aspiring to become one, hast to face at a certain time. Glory can be achieved by being an entrepreneur, but it takes time and hard work.

Every entrepreneur faces at any given time doubt, where all his efforts seem to vanish. However this is a natural stage, that happens because of the long road and hardships associated with this calling (I like to call it a calling, as I believe it’s much more than a mere profession). Those who succeed and pass this stage are the ones who keep on dreaming, working hard and seeing that all these hardships are the price to pay for something greater.

Entrepreneurs have many allies on this ongoing “battle”. One of them is the work you can produce. I don’t care what this is, as your personal qualities make you unique. This is one of your finest weapons at your disposal; never forget it can take you to where previously only your dreams had a presence. This brings me to your second big ally: your dreams. Every single product and business project before becoming a reality had to be on someone’s mind and dreams.

So whatever you do, whatever you want to accomplish, never forget to go into battle with these two weapons. An Entrepreneur that doesn’t dream and doesn’t act upon theses dreams, is not really and Entrepreneur. So if you have dreams and work hard, you’ve won at least half of the battle.

There’s a third component that can’t be forgotten: faith. I’m not talking of religious faith, although if you have it, great for you. I’m taking of faith to yourself, on your dreams and on your actions. I’ve seen many people who have the greatest dreams, who are quite good at expressing them but they don’t believe they can accomplish them. So guess what, if they don’t have faith in themselves, things just won’t happen.

So keep on working, keep dreaming and have faith. Many things will take time to become a reality, but if you have faith, you don’t doubt and you keep on dreaming, things will eventually occur. I’ve seen this philosophy turn over my whole life and I’m sure it will also help you. If it does, please remember to share your thoughts at the end of this article.

If you want to know more I recommend you watch The Secret Movie or read The Secret Book (it’s a little bit commercial, but it’s interesting). Also Wallace D. Wattles has some excellent material on the subject. Neal Donald Walsch has a very interesting Conversation with God, which I also recommend. Last but not least is Napoleon Hill who wrote on this subject some 80 years ago, but most of his teachings are still quite valid.

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