2012, The Best Year Ever!

2012, The Best Year Ever!

Every new year I like to evaluate what I’ve done in the past year and set my goals for the upcoming 12 months. I think this is an excellent time to look for new ideas, objectives, persons and much more. If the previous year was great, then you don’t want to loose momentum and you should continue your pursuits. This is actually my case, as the last couple of years have been great for me. However this doesn’t mean my ideas and objectives haven’t changed. Actually they have changed and every year I look for new and exciting challenges.

This beginning of the year is the best time to make changes in your life, both small and large. For instance, my sister who had worked for companies for many years decided she wanted to quit her job and started working with me as an independent consultant. This is very profound personal decision, which takes a lot of courage and guts, but she decided it was time. And this coming from someone who a year ago didn’t even had in mind becoming independent or an entrepreneur. The opportunity aroused and she seized it. I did this several years ago and I admire my sister for taking this decision.

For this 2012 you should have some goals. They can be part of your New Year’s resolution, but it might require a little more thinking. A list will be great, but even if you have a vague idea, this is a good way to start. The list will probably be completed throughout the year, but having a main idea or objective will help you on this task.

There are no reasons to not succeed and accomplish what you’re wishing for. Take advantage of this beginning of the year to leap into your new future. Take risks, calculated risks and don’t look back. You won’t regret it, because even if you fail, now you know you’re able to do this you always wanted but never did it.

So to sum up, happy 2012 and use this change of year to do what you really want. If you’re already doing it, then keep doing it. Remember to come back for more tips and share your ideas at the end of this article in the Comments section.

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