Starting 2016 with all the positive energy!

Starting 2016 with all the positive energy!

Happy 2016! As I do every year, in the fist post of January I give a hello to all the readers of An Entrepreneur Blog and wish them a new year full of great accomplishments.

The first weeks of the new year are an excellent moment to define new goals, seek new roads and analyze what we have done in the past. Many people tend to perform this task previously to new year’s eve, but it’s still time if you haven’t done this. So my invitation to entrepreneurs, employees and students who read this Blog is to analyze in a concise and serious way what you wish to accomplish this 2016.

From my point of view, the new year, which comes after vacations and parties, is a time of the year where positive energy flows everywhere. That is why this time of the year is a great time to take advantage of these energies, defining or redefining your goals, always believing this will be a great and wonderful year where great things will be accomplished.

In our case at An Entrepreneur blog, which is the corporate Blog of our consulting firm Innovintergy Consulting, we know 2016 is going to be a great year. We say this, even though we don’t have a crystal ball or the power of seeing the future. However we are certain that with this positive attitude, nothing will be impossible for what we can accomplish this year.

Throughout the year we will be sharing the accomplishments we conquer this 2016. To start, we will have great results in both our local and foreign markets; last year we started our international expansion, and this year we will continue on this effort.

We will also continue writing for our Spanish-based mailing list, called Aceleració (Acceleration). On another front, our Spanish video Blog Tecno Gerente will bring many new surprises.

Before I finish, I want to thank our readers for following us and reading our articles. If you have any comment or idea, please leave them in the Comment section.

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