Alternatives to our own e-commerce (Part 1)


Selling through the Internet is very interesting taking into account it has some advantages when we compare it with a physical store: we don’t require huge investments in infrastructure, we can offer more goods because we don’t have a space restriction and it functions as a showcase that is opened 24/7 in every place of the world. Having this in mind, this is an excellent option for any businessmen. However, many reasons can drive us to desist about creating our own e-commerce such as having very few type of products or not having the money to invest in publicity.

If these reasons or any other have made you desist about selling your products online, on your own website with an e-commerce this doesn’t mean that you have to quit about selling on the Internet. Today there are many options that will make you sell through this media without creating your own website.

The first option you have is selling through the platform of a third party that will simply notify you when a sale materializes. An excellent example of this type of websites is Amazon. Although they have their own products and warehouses, they also have a space reserved for third parties. This third parties’ space is managed directly by Amazon and they will only notify when the sale materializes, in order for the product to be dispatched. Latin America has also many websites of this type. In Colombia for example we can mention Linio.

A second option are the websites of the type of Ebay, where any person or company can open their own account and publish their own products. This type of websites are different from Amazon because here each person or company manages their account and publishes their products. In order to have access to the platform you will have to pay according to the different plans that they have established. In Latin America we have the website Mercado Libre in many countries, and it works in the same way.

On my next post I will mention other two alternatives. Wait for them soon!


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