Striking the Balance in Life 3 – Family Life

Striking the Balance in Life 3 – Family Life

One of the most important elements that makes part of my everyday life is spending time with my family. Clearly I have many activities, shores, responsibilities and more in my life as an entrepreneur, but for me it is quite important to safe some time for my family. Sometimes I’m not able to devote as much time as I would want for them, but I always make an extra effort for this not to happen.

When looking for balance in life, which is the topic for this series of articles, we must strive to take time for different types of activities. Sure, work is important but we have to find balance with other activities, like doing exercise, fooling around and spend some quality time with your family. And if you have other responsibilities, it’s also important that you don’t spend all your time with your family.

I know many persons are not able to spend the time they want with their families, for many reasons that are not important at this moment. I can say that those of us who have time to spend quality time with our family members are lucky people. However, too many of us don’t realize what a privilege this is and we give this for granted.

There might be some reasons not to spend time with your family or at least some specific family members, however we should analyze the privilege we have in this situation. Plus, if you want to be a better family member or a better person, you should think in spending more time with them.

My message goes out to all entrepreneurs and businessman, who frequently sacrifice many things to make their projects come true. However, we should never loose focus on what we want to achieve and on what is really important in this life. It’s fine if we want to go after your dreams and that this situation calls for some sacrifices, but never loose focus on those important things that the pass of time cannot give you back. And for me, this includes my family. You don’t want to wake up several years into the future regretting that you didn’t spend enough time with your family.

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