Are you prepared for the social pressure of the entrepreneurship?

social pressure

Even though the entrepreneurship process brings a ton of satisfactions, it is a decision that will bring many pressures we will have to face. On one hand we will have to face difficult times in order to obtain economical resources to start our business, sell our products or services, define the business model just to mention a few. However we will not only have to resolve professional subjects. Entrepreneurship also brings social pressure we will have to deal. Evaluate it before you decide to start this incredible path.

The social circle of the majority of us consists of people that work for different companies, who are accustomed to work on a determined schedule and that on the last days of the month they receive their wage on their bank account. This people won’t have to worry for the sales of their company and where to get the financial resources to make it work, because whatever it happens they will receive their money.

When you start a new business even though this people have good intentions, they don’t understand how difficult is to be an entrepreneur. This is the reason why you shouldn’t get surprised when in a social event they ask you “How is your company doing? Are you selling as much as Facebook?” People don’t understand that the entrepreneurial path more than being difficult it is slow, and that maybe some years will pass before you can be able to have the same wage you had when you where an employee.

Possibly this will make you feel uncomfortable in some situations and maybe even opting to walk away from some people. Hopefully you will have the luck to be surrounded by people who support you and believe on you dream, because this will make easier the path. However if you do not count with this type of people on your way, but you are surrounded of negative people that think your decision was a mistake it is better to walk away from them or at least avoid that your professional life becomes a talking subject. For this type of people it is very easy to kill others dreams.

With what I have just written I don’t want to discourage you about the entrepreneurial life, because I definitely think it is a wonderful path that brings many satisfactions you won’t be able to obtain when you are an employee. I only want to share it because it is something you should evaluate because it is very likely you will have to face it. The important thing is that you know it and that this type of comments will not turn you down.


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