Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 6: Taking the Plunge

Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 6: Taking the Plunge

For the previous 5 entries of this series about the steps needed to become an entrepreneur, we’ve analyzed different steps required to become a successful entrepreneur. For instance, in the third step we talked about deciding to begin this road. This step might look similar to the current step, taking the plunge, but there are some differences. One thing is to convince yourself to start the road, but a very different one, is actually starting it.

When we decide to take the plunge (or to in fact, begin) there are several elements we must have prepared. To start, we must decide if we’re going to be a full-time or part-time entrepreneur. Also, we have to plan what’s needed for the road ahead. However, we can’t plan everything. As with everything in life, there is a high degree of uncertainty that will make us react to what’s happening. So planning is important, but also the way we react to these different situations.

When we decide to take the plunge, we have to consider other things. To start, the future is uncertain. The idea of being an entrepreneur is to be successful, but this is not guaranteed. In fact, many entrepreneurs will fail, but this if fine and part of the process. Also, we have to be smart and creative. Due to uncertainty, we have to improvise in many different situations. If for example we encounter a negative situation, our task is to figure it out and create a positive scenario, which is not always an easy task.

One of the advantages of this plunge is that we’re not blind and we’ll be able to see. Perhaps we won’t be able to see the entire road ahead, but we’ll be able to identify what’s happening few feets in front of us. This will give us enough time to react and maneuver accordingly, avoiding collisions and other problems.

I like to see this drop as one into the infinite space. That is how entrepreneurships work, where the plunge is permanent. We can keep on going, even after many years, even decades. What lies ahead is uncertain, but that’s just life. However, at any point we’ll be able to say “no more” and someone will come down and rescue us. Also, if we hit a roadblock or any other problem, we can reach for a rock and change our path.

In the past I’ve said that you must have fun in this journey. So when you decide to take the plunge, start having fun. If at any time the fun stops, take a new plunge or look elsewhere. Also, look for additional elements, like knowledge, personal growth, new friends and more.

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