Benefits in turning employees into partners

Some few posts ago, in the article I named “Tips about Shareholding in an entrepreneurship” I wrote about how a company should be valuated and how the shareholdings should be divided among the different partners. Thereby I took into account owners and investors but also other partners that only some …

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Criteria for creating the Entrepreneur Team

One of the most important tasks an entrepreneur faces when creating a new project, is defining the team that will be with him. The decisions the entrepreneur makes in this stage can be responsible for the success or failure of the entrepreneurship. Also, it’s a very important element when seeking …

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Defining your Business Partners

Every single business, in order to be successful is required to have contact with the world. In this process, both the entrepreneur and his company will eventually have contact with other people and other organizations, many of them becoming what can be called as Business Partners. As free willing individuals, …

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