When to become an Entrepreneur?

From the Business Plan and Idea to Taking Action

We’ve mentioned in the past in this Blog, that there are some methodologies and tools that are very interesting and useful for entrepreneurs, such as the business idea and the business plan. Both are great aid when defining an entrepreneurship and by all means, you should always use them when …

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Elements for the success of sole proprietorship and Friendship/Familiar Societies

There are a lot of people that decide to work in an entrepreneurship but unfortunately not all of them can achieve success. I believe that the success of this kind of projects depend on many factors and one that is very important is the team that is built in order …

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When is the Best Time to Become an Entrepreneur?

When someone makes the conscious decision of becoming an Entrepreneur, he or she is making a life changing decision. Being an Entrepreneur requires dedication, time, work and much more. It has many positive aspects and just like everything in life, it has also negative qualities. In many senses it is …

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