Creating Strategies for Social Media I – Introduction

Creating Strategies for Social Media I – Introduction

A couple years ago, I started writing in An Entrepreneur Blog about the importance of thinking of Internet and its relation with Strategies. I decided to write about this because I believe it’s a misunderstood subject that is very important for entrepreneurs and all type of companies. Also because this is what I deal with in my daily life as an Internet Strategist in my consulting firm.

One of the topics of Internet Strategy is Strategy in Social Media, in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. For this reason, I’ve decided to write a small series about this subjects that you will find published in this blog during the following weeks.

Before I deal with a specific social network, I want to talk about some generalities that apply in some way to all these networks. Every single day more companies enter the social network realm, trying to capture the attention of potential users and clients. This makes the social network landscape quite competitive and that is one of the reasons why we have to think in terms of strategy: to differentiate our offering.

Most companies find it very interesting to create a corporate presence on social media, however let me tell you that there’s nothing that forces you to be on these social networks. If for example, you companies culture, processes, products and clients are not in sync with social networks, then don’t create presence in this media. It’s difficult to think of a company that won’t take advantage of social media, but if there are strategic reasons, this will be welcomed.

If your company already has presence in social media or you are thinking in creating one, you must transcend form creating “presence” to create “high quality presence”. We can argue what “high quality” means, but among others it refers to engaging with users, transcending publicity messages and opening spaces for clients.

When we decide to enter social networks, as enterprises, we have to understand this concept. For starters, it will bring new and exciting business possibilities. However, at the same time your company will be vulnerable to criticism, attacks and more, that you have to learn how to manage and take advantage of the situation.

In the following weeks I’ll be addressing strategies in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social networks. Please check back for further information and before you leave, remember to leave at the bottom of this page your feedback and comments.

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