Use WhatsApp Business app as a business card

Great news for businesses who wants their business to be omnipresent!

Not many years ago, WhatsApp tweeted that it’s working on a new project called WhatsApp Business App which will benefit Small and Medium Businesses.

WhatsApp Business

So, here at SEO Ledger we’re going to discuss about its new features and benefits to this businesses.

First thing which will come in everyone’s mind is that “ Do we have to delete our basic WhatsApp in order to use the new one?” The answer is “NO”. A business holder can take the benefits of both the WhatsApp Basic app as well as WhatsApp Business App ( Both the app can co-exist by using only one number, the new app will just make a new separate account for business. So, you can enjoy your personal life while dealing with your business professionally. It’s a great thing right!

Now let’s talk about few of its amazing features:

The New App is slightly different than the usual WhatsApp, having new features like ‘Detailed Profile’, Detailed Statistic Report’, ‘Public Service Announcement’, ‘Sort and Quickly Respond to Messages’, etc.’

  • A business owner can communicate with his customers like answering their queries, can give them updates about his new products etc. However if intimated, the customer has a weapon of ‘block and report spam’, so you need to use it wisely.
  • In the new app, a business holder need no longer to keep business card, as all the detailed information can be seen in the WhatsApp business account such as your website, email, address, alternate numbers, etc. So, just share your business number and Voila!! You are done.
  • The new app also provide you a detailed messaging report where we can see the send and delivery reports etc.
  • One of the best feature is sort and quickly respond messages. A business holder need not to send messages a 100+ customers, instead he can set a default message which will be sent to all the customer.
  • In the new app, verified businesses will have a green batch having “Right” symbol next to its name in it and the unverified apps though will be able to use the full features but wont have this green batch. By this customers get to know that the an ‘unknown’ business is official or not.
  • The app has a different logo than the usual one. It has a ‘B’ symbol instead of the traditional ‘Phone’.
  • It has a ‘Public Service Announcement’ where a business can receive communication directly.
  • Good news for Android users..the new WhatsApp Business app is available to download on play store. It will come soon on iPhone platform as well, so not to take much tension.

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