Excellent and Improving!

Excellent and Improving! I recently saw the phrase I use as tittle for this article (actually it was in Spanish, but you get the idea) and it caught my attention. Life has taught me that the attitude you project is a key factor in your success or failure and this is why I thought this is a great phrase. As author Jeff Keller says, Attitude is Everything (by the way, I highly recommend this book). To accomplish any goal, you will require knowledge, work, a bit of luck and why not, a great deal of positive attitude.

University (College), high profile degrees like MBA, most books and life experiences will lead the way to success, including being a successful entrepreneur. However you don’t have to have an MBA degree to be a successful entrepreneur; in fact, earning a masters degree in organizational leadership will prepare you just as well when it comes to preparing you for success.

Still there’s a missing ingredient we many times forget and is transmitting to everyone this success as if it was already there. This is a mental exercise we need to practice constantly and it starts by having the right attitude.

Professional athletes understand that they have to practice beyond their sports to be the best around. For instance, a football player practices football, just as a soccer player practices soccer. But they go further, by performing additional activities, like cardio workout and weight lifting. Although these areas are not part of their sport’s core components, they do it, as they will obtain benefits from this type of training. The same goes for attitude; you might not need positive attitude to become the next big entrepreneur as it’s not a core component of the road to success (or so you my think), but certainly it will help you by exercising it (not to mention it can open doors for you).

It is very important to project our best image as this reflects who we are. It doesn’t matter if currently your personal and/or professional life is not the best, as this is only temporal. You can change this situation with a positive shift on your attitude. Leaving aside your current situation, next time someone asks you how are you doing, why don’t you answer Excellent and Improving?

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