Dream until your Dreams come true

Dream until your Dreams come true

Last week I went to the concert Aerosmith offered in Bogotá, Colombia (for those new readers, I’m from this city). This concert has a story behind that’s quite interesting. Aerosmith gave their first concert ever in Bogotá a year and a half ago and tickets sold out in about 3 hours. With this huge success, the organizers decided to book a second concert. However this time the success was not the same (it didn’t sold out), something good for those who attended the concert.

A year and a half ago when this first concert was announced I wanted to go. I’ve been a fan for a long time and I definitely wanted to go. However at the time, I had just started my journey as an independent consultant, had no income, no clients and a bunch of debts. When I began my entrepreneur journey I knew I had to make sacrifices and not going to this concert was one of them. However, sometimes life (or God, or destiny or however you want to see it) gives you second chances. This time around my economic and professional situation is very different and although I’m just starting my journey, I could afford going to this concert.

During the concert, Aerosmith sang one of my favorite songs, Dream On. While hearing it I started to reflect on the reasons I loved this song and it is that the phrase “Dream until your Dreams come true” is absolutely right. All my dreams since I was a boy and a teen are coming true. It’s been a tough road, with failures, bankruptcy, ups and downs, however I’ve always stayed true to the essence of my dreams. Half of my life (I’m 30 years old) I’ve been an entrepreneur and although the means by how I’ve accomplished my dreams has changed, the end result has always been the same. Today after many hardships and hard work I can proudly say my dreams are coming true.

With Dream On, Aerosmith talks about dreaming which is the main ingredient to success, but they forget another element I consider to be a key part of the equation: act. That is, act upon accomplishing your dream, whatever it is. Never stop dreaming, but with your dream act in accordance so that these dreams can become a reality.

I wanted to share these thoughts with my readers. Also, I wanted to excuse myself, because lately I’ve been so successful with my dreams that I barely have any time to work on this Blog. This Blog is my passion, but it’s not my day job (my day job as an independent consultant is also my passion). Although I’m not thinking of abandoning this Blog, I have been forced to place it almost on a stand-by mode. When I have time I’ll try to write new articles, but they will be few, at least for the time being.

For now my invitation is to keep dreaming and make those dreams big. Have patience, as accomplishing these dreams will take time. Never doubt about your capacities, have faith, act and dream on. Time will tell how to accomplish your dreams, so be prepared to evolve your dreams. And most of all have fun as this is a great ride (although sometimes you won’t be able to see the big picture).

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