Exercises to keep you motivated

Exercises to keep you motivated

Entrepreneurs will have to be leaders during their whole career. There is not a better way to make people around you (partners, employees, investors, clients, among others) do whatever you need them to do that being a good leader. However, being a leader or a great leader, is not only based in providing orders but motivating people.

This task is not easy but the starting point is to be an example. In other words it will be impossible to maintain people motivated and with energy if as businessmen we don’t have the capability to maintain this condition. In this post I am bringing a list of exercises you can practice as a leader in order to keep your energy and inspire people around you with your motivation.

– Plan your daily activities: In order to keep motivated you will have to know what you must do each day, and assign to it the time it needs to be performed. A person that does not organizes its activities and is unable to finish all its tasks or has a lot of time off will be unable to keep motivated over time.
– Organize your activities in a productive way: It is recommended that on the morning when you are rested you perform productive activities, while in the afternoon when you have eaten lunch you perform operative tasks.
– Promote stimulant environments: people must not keep performing monotonous activities. It is very important that they face new activities and challenges
– Have healthy habits: performing exercises, resting and having a good diet have an essential role when we want to keep high our energy and be motivated. This is why these habits must be promoted.
– Know your goals: our targets are a source of motivation. However sometimes we see these goals very distant. This is the reason why we have to divide our goals in short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives.

As you practice these five exercises you will keep your energy an motivation high and the people around you will impregnate with this attitude. It does not hurt to advice you to promote these activities not only for your life but also for the people that are around us achieving in this way a more motivated staff and a better working environment

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