How did we close 2015 and what did we learned?


This is my last post for 2015. As every year I try to evaluate what happened on it. I achieved many of my goals but others I just accomplished them partially and even others I didn’t complete them at all. However, I think it is the best time to evaluate what happened.

Today I invite all my readers to make this same exercise. This year I had the opportunity to make a course on Project Management and one of the important points when we finish any project is to analyze what happened and keep a record of every lesson we learned. This should also be done on our personal life. Many times, as in mycase we have successful projects, but other times we have other projects that are not as successful for many reasons. When we analyze what happened, we are able to understand our mistakes, but more importantly we learn.

What I have just stated might be very obvious but the sad thing is that not everyone takes the time to think what where their mistakes. It is true that for many people taking the time to analyze this type of things is difficult taking into account that the world in which we live doesn’t leave us a huge amount of time. However, as I mentioned it might be very fruitful specially if we can learn about our mistakes for future projects.

I hope you are able to make your own considerations on the end of this year in order to start clearly and with energy 2016 and achieve every goal you propose on this new year.


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