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One of the subjects I have been writing about in this blog of An Entrepreneur –actually it is one of our categories-, is Strategic Internet. With Strategic Internet we mean that our Internet presence must not exist randomly but it must be part of a strategy that will seek some objectives.

Big and medium companies –even if they do not make it in this way- understand the logic of this concept and know they should do it in this way. However many small and microenterprise think Internet theme doesn’t concern them.

As a consultant in this subject, I think that it is a big mistake that businessmen think in this way. Internet is for every company regardless of their size, and taking into account that the first place in which users seek for information is Internet. If we don’t have a presence in this media we are loosing great opportunities.

Taking into account what I have just mentioned, what I believe is that not every type of presence is good for every company. The first reason for this is costs. Definitely what a big company can spend is very different of what a small or a microenterprise can.

However more than the subject of costs the reason is that every company has different characteristics, as well as its clients. For example it is not truth that every company needs an online store, because it depends in the type of product it sells, that its market is prepared to buy it in this way and also that the company has the infrastructure to sell it through an online channel, among other subjects we must evaluate.

Also, today that social media is trendy; many companies have opened a profile in these. However take into account that not every social media is designed for every type of company, and that they require time investment that we should only use if it favors our company and our users. For example if I have a B2B company maybe it is not very important to have a Facebook profile and a Twitter account while it might be vey important to manage a Linkedin group, where I can be in touch with professionals.

What I have just stated in this post is not new in our blog, but I wanted to say that even if you don’t have a big company, it is vey important to have a presence on the Internet but that it is strategic and that adapts to the needs of our company.


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