Marketing Strategies to Non-Clients (part 1)


In the physical and digital world, almost all companies focus their marketing efforts in their possible actual buyers. Therefor they invest huge amounts of money in radio, television and/or billboards and on the last years also in advertising campaigns on Internet such as SEM and Facebook.

However some companies have understood that they should not focus only on their possible clients. In this way many businesses have developed other types of strategies in which they reach other actors. In this post and the next one I will present two models of this type that are interesting and successful.

The first strategy I am talking about I will mention it with an excellent example of the airplane producer company Boeing. It should be clear that this company is never selling a product to you or me, but to the airlines that exist worldwide. However they have developed a Blog named Randy’s Journal in which Randy its Vice President of Marketing writes different news about airplanes, but in an easy language so that persons like you and me will understand. Today this blog is very popular and it has many visits and followers.

But how does this strategy works? The answer is that normal users such as you and me learn to love the brand and have it in our top of mind and even better, in our Top of Heart. Therefore even though they know we will never buy a single plane, the airlines will be aware that users love Boeing airplanes and they expect that this will be a variable taken into account when this companies need to buy one. In other words the idea is that the airline feels in some way pressure to tend for Boeing planes and not for the ones of their competitors because users feel close to the brand.

On my next post I will talk about other strategy related to marketing efforts focused to non-clients.


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