My Goal: Be a better person each day

My Goal: Be a better person each day

You can argue that life has many problems, difficulties and more, however I believe life is great. Life isn’t always easy, but I think that is exactly a part of life and we have to learn to deal with it. These problems form us as people and make us better each day. Those who don’t see and understand this usually struggle and don’t accomplish what they’re looking for.

As part of this life, most of us have goals we’re working for. Some are long-term goals, while others are short-term. As entrepreneurs is very important to create these goals and work hard for them. But since these goals are part of life and we’re just human beings that make mistakes, we should also work in being better persons each single day.

Many years ago, when I became an entrepreneur, I set forward many goals. Some of these goals where to be accomplished in several decades, some where in a few years and other short term. I have accomplished some of these goals and some are on the working, but I understood early that in order to accomplish my goals, I had to become a better person each day.

Now, let me explain what I mean by becoming a better person. This includes, among other things, knowing myself, learning more about the things I like (and which bring food to my table) and also knowing people and how to deal with them. For example, when I started my entrepreneur journey I thought I didn’t have what it takes to be a good salesman. In fact, when I started I was a lousy salesman. However I understood that to be successful I had to learn this craft and master it. This required me to understand how people behave and how the human mind works and in almost 10 years that I’ve been doing this I’ve become a good salesman. I’m far from being the perfect salesman but I’m working everyday to become better.

And this goes to almost every aspect in my life. I strive to be better each day, to learn new things, to read new ideas and see how they can complement my life. I’m sure that if I hadn’t change at all as a person in the last 10 years, I wouldn’t have accomplished half of the goals I’ve accomplished so far. Life is meant to learn things, to make mistakes and learn from them. This is the only way to advance and people that understand this are the successful people we most admire.

This constant learning and becoming a better person, also applies to your personal life. It will be a shame if you became better for business, but you didn’t strive to make your personal life, with family and friends better each day.

If I lived 1,000 years or more, I know that each and every day I want to learn something new and become a better person. That is life and if we one day decide we’re done learning, then it’s about time lo leave this earth. So if you take my advice, work each and every day to become a better person. This will help you reach your other goals.

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