Nothing is Impossible! – Much more than a Cliché

Nothing is Impossible! – Much more than a Cliché

Before I started to write this article I had an inner debate with myself about how to name it. On the one hand, I had the idea I should call it “Nothing is Impossible”, which is the tittle that prevailed. However I also wanted to name it “Everything is Possible”. I liked the second option, because it takes a positive angle, while the first one is more negative. I made my choice, but at the moment I’m writing this lines, I’m not 100% decided on my decision. Anyway, I must proceed because this is a very important subject.

The way most of us understand how life works, due in part in the way we are raised, makes us believe life is hard. We come to believe that being a successful person requires a great deal of work and luck. In fact, most of us believe that failure is easier to accomplish than success.

Many years ago and through my road as an entrepreneur that started over 18 years ago, I understood that this way of understanding life is erroneous. Life is designed to respond to our needs and wants. It doesn’t matter if what we want to accomplish is the creation of a new venture, study at a certain university or college, or find your soul mate. We have all the tools to make our life excellent and nothing we want to accomplish is impossible.

There are several things that I really dislike and one of them is people telling me I can’t accomplish something. When I find this type of people, I try to create a distance with them. This are people I label as toxic, and who don’t add any real value to my life. For me it’s obvious these people don’t understand how life works and they are just wasting my time.

For entrepreneurs who are the larger part of the audience of this blog, I hope you follow my advice. Life is great and we can accomplish anything and there isn’t anything so large or difficult we can’t accomplish. So if you’re starting a new business or you created it several years ago, anything we want can become a reality. If you’re at a difficult time on your project, don’t despair, as things will get better. Even if you’re broke and owing money, things will get better, maybe soon or in a next venture. I speak based on my own experience, where several years ago I went broke, owed a lot of money and some years later the situation has changed.

Every day of your life, remember that anything is possible, even if the current situation is good or bad. The current state of affairs is only temporal, and our job is to visualize how we want the future to be. Nothing is impossible, and both you a I are testament of this reality.

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