Subjects every CEO of a SME must understand (Human Resources)

Human Resources

On my last post I talk about the importance that the CEO of a SME knows about some legal subjects. Big companies have the financial muscle and the necessity to hire lawyers that are specialists on different subjects, but small and medium companies don’t always have it. This is the reason why the CEO is the person in the company who ends managing subjects that have some legal elements he must understand. On the last post I talked specifically about accounting and taxes, on this article I will talk about Human Resources.

The human resources subject even if it is one of the most important subjects of a company it is not always given the priority it should have because on companies of these sizes urgent things win over important things. Therefore almost always is the CEO of the company and its assistant are the persons who end managing human resources and not a specialist in this subject. Both of them end performing activities on recruitment, hiring, training, disciplinary processes, among others.

The problem with this is that mistakes might be made and these can be translated in expenses for our company. Even though a huge difference exist among the laws of different countries, with time societies have evolve and have transformed so that employees can wok with more justice an benefits. Making mistakes in legal subjects might imply costly lawsuits and lets remember that laws tend to benefit more the employees that the employers.

All that I have just stated makes us conclude that it is very important to have knowledge about occupational legal themes. Therefore I think it is very important to have someone advising us about this subject in the same way, as we need it on the accounting and taxes theme. Generally there are law firms who advice SMEs in these themes, that I highly recommend to hire them if we are not experts in these subjects as CEOs of our companies. Also I think that researching about this subject doesn’t make any harm.

With this I finish my post and I hope you conclude as I did that we must ask advice on legal themes in which we are not sure how to manage and that can bring big problems for our company and us.


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