Retargeting, a useful variable for online advertising (part 3)


Gradually, I have been introducing with these series of articles important elements about retargeting. Therefore in the first part of these series I presented the meaning of this concept and how is it different form traditional online advertisement. The second article was written to explain the general rules in order to implement a retargeting campaign. I invite you to continue reading this post in order to learn about metrics of this advertisement modality.


When does retargeting works?

Before I explain the retargeting metrics, we have to start by understanding when does it works. Remember that this type of advertisement focuses in visitors that have come to our website. Therefore it is not an advertisement method to bring traffic into our site. If this is our objective we must use other advertisement forms such as Adwords or Facebook Ads. Retargeting is useful but when we want to increase the conversions of our webpage. It doesn’t bring new people but that the people that come to our site convert in a higher percentage.


How to measure retargeting?

Understanding what have just been stated, I can proceed to explain how retargeting is measured. The most obvious and easy way to make it is with click-through conversions. This measures the people that clicked our retargeting ad and converted. As I mentioned this is the most obvious metric but we can’t forget people that even though they didn’t click our ad, they where influenced by it.

This is the reason why we can count with another metric called view-through conversions. This measurement takes into account people that saw our retargeting ads, didn’t click on them but converted afterward. As I stated before this is a good way to measure influenced visitors but it also generates some questions. Can we say the campaign is successful if a person that saw the ad the day before converted? And if a person converts 3 months after seeing the ad is it due to the retargeting campaign? As we can see, this measurement is a little subjective and difficult to determine, but it also provide us important information.

Therefore we recommend you to take into account both of the measurements. Don’t dismiss them but analyze them carefully.


On the next part of this series I will expose other important elements about retargeting. Stay tuned!


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