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Many people dream about being entrepreneurs, among other reasons because they think it is an easier life where you don’t depend on what a boss say you must do having a much flexible life. Even if this is truth in some measure and in some cases (because there are entrepreneurs that are slaves of their own business), it is not as simple as it seems, especially when we talk about vacations.

If you work for a company, having vacations is simple because it is a right every worker has, and generally on bigger companies there is someone who will be able to perform your tasks when you are not at the office. However, if you are an entrepreneur and your company is starting to grow, distributing tasks is not that easy. In some cases, you even have to close the company while you are gone.

When this is your case, entrepreneurs think twice before they decide to go on vacations and many times they opt not to do it. However, I believe this is not a good idea taking into account that as human beings we need to rest. I also believe that we have options in order to obtain at least some days of vacations.

The first thing I recommend is that you know very well your business cycle, in order to plan vacations when you don’t have many work. There are businesses that at the end of the year are very calm – for example consultancy services- while there are other companies when this time of the year is much more important such as companies that plan events. If you know your business cycle you will be able to plan your vacations and travel without having to worry.

The second thing I recommend is being realistic about how long are you going to be able to be absent from your business. If we work for a company, we are going to have to take the days the law establishes, but as entrepreneurs it is different. In our particular case, it is very difficult for us to be away more than a week, especially in some seasons, and that is the reason why we usually don’t take more than a week of vacations.

My last advice (that is may take on the subject, but others can think different) is that if you decide to take some days to rest it is very important to unplug. I know it is difficult, but it is primordial in order to rest physically and mentally and return with more energy.


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