Ways to be known and visible 10 – Social Networks

Ways to be known and visible 10 – Social Networks

In the last years with the appearance of Social Networks, many previously unknown people have risen to fame. Some of this people are even making a living thanks to their fame in Social Networks, as they make revenue from them. In a similar fashion, I’ve met people who are using social networks as a way to help them be known. In my case I’ve done this, however not in the best way, as I’ve been quite passive and my presence sometimes is discrete, shy and simple.

If you want to be known and visible, have the time and something interesting to share with the world, having a high profile in social networks might be for you. And a fact with social network is that superstars have appeared, the same as notorious figures with lower profiles (not superstars), who manage to have a nice amount of followers and are referents on their own topics.

For instance, if you want to be know as an expert on a certain topic, lets say digital marketing, social networks can be a valuable ally. To start, you can use these networks to find and start talking with people who are already in the networks and are experts, in this case, in digital marketing. You can also use networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn to find groups where people discuss about these topics and the idea will be that you start posting your own comments. Slowly people will start to notice your inputs and soon they’ll see you as an authority, something you wanted to accomplish.

To make this strategy move faster, it would be great if you create original content in the form of a Blog, videos or other media. If you like to create this type of content, this will give you an advantage and you’ll have material to share on Social Networks. If you don’t you can also use content from third parties. I prefer and recommend the first option, but I’m sure the second will also work fine.

With time you’ll be know as an expert on the topic of your choice and it won’t take long before other people start to contact you to write or be part of other media, such as Blogs, videos and even traditional media. Remember that the strategies and tactics I’ve talked about in this series are all complementary and are really just one strategy.

If you’re just starting in social media, I recommend that you start using it and seeing what waits for you. A first step might be to open a Facebook account and start interacting with friends and acquaintances. A second step could be the creation of a Twitter or LinkedIn account. LinkedIn has the advantage that you’ll be interacting with other professionals in similar areas, so the messages you send can be of interest for people who might be willing to do business with you.

I hope this tactic works and gives you all the benefits you’ve been looking for.

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