Starting 2014 with the right foot

Starting 2014 with the right foot

Hi, before I forget, we want (myself and my sister María Fernanda) to wish all the readers of An Entrepreneur Blog a happy 2014. We hope this year is full of successful and wonderful things. We also thank you for visiting our Blog and for being part of this “crazy” project.

The beginning of this 2014 has been great for us and we want to share with your readers what we’re up to for this year. This is just a fast summary of the things we’ll be doing this year, so keep tuned to know more of what we’ll be doing throughout the year.

The first thing I want to share with you is that in March I’ll be publishing my first book, about Internet Strategies. Initially it will be available in Spanish, but the idea is to translate it to English at a later time. I’ll keep you posted about this subject.

For An Entrepreneur Blog we have two great news. The first one is that we decided to make this Blog, the official Blog of our consulting firm, 360° Consulting. For many years we’ve been working on this Blog and on the consulting firm at the same time, many times dealing with the same topics. So it was natural to align them and join them, which is what we did beginning this year.

The second news for this Blog is that we changed the design and the platform it runs in. One of the main advantages and novelty that this brings is that we fully support mobile devices. You can expect additional improvements throughout the year.

In other projects, we keep on working with of Spanish travel Blog, Secretos de la Florida. In the second trimester of the year, we’ll be realizing an e-book, also in Spanish.

Well, this has been a small and quick summary of what we’ll be doing. As I said before, you can expect much more things to come and we’ll be sharing them with you in these same pages.

For now, that is it. But before we go, we want to know what you’re up to this year. Please share with us your projects and ventures at the end of this article in the comment sections. Thanks in advance for your input.

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