Technologies for Entrepreneurs 4 – Cellphones

Technologies for Entrepreneurs 4 – Cellphones

Can you imagine your life if you didn’t have a cell phone? Just imagine for a second, that for some reason cell phones are banned worldwide. I’m sure some people will be relieved, as they will free themselves form this modern type of slavery. However, most of us will probably miss an important aspect of your daily life and work. How we define work and productivity will change.

For this fourth installment of this series about technology for entrepreneurs I wanted to start with this simple analysis. I believe it’s one of our most important technologies and many people will miss them if they were not available.

In previous articles of the present series, I’ve discussed the role of Computers and Tablets in the life of entrepreneurs. For today, I wanted to talk about cell phone, analyzing their impact and how they can make life easier for entrepreneurs. This for any type of cellphone, from a basic one that just works for voice services up to the most advanced intelligent cellphones that have access to Internet and much more.

Lets start with the basic cellphone service, which is the voice. We can be almost in any place of the world, and as long as there is coverage from our carrier, we can receive and answer calls. This calls maybe simple, but they can also be life changing, when we talk about businesses with partners, allies and more. Plus, if for any reason we can’t answer the call, there is the voicemail feature, which answers the call for us. So we are always connected.

With newer phones, the so-called smartphones, our connectivity increases greatly. At a moments notice, we can receive importer messages, bur also other types of messages, including SPAM. However, those important messages are the ones I care about.

Also with smartphones and the many different apps, you are able to make decisions on the fly that will affect your company. For example, you can decide with just a click or two on the prices and inventory levels of the products in your company, doing this from any part of the world. If you have bonds or stocks, you can also sell them or buy new, when the price is just right. This instantaneous decisions can be worth million of dollars in new revenue (or loss).

From my perspective, cellphones are a great technology tool for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs. In my current ventures, I decided not to have a secretary or an assistant. This role is carried out very well with my cellphone, which has all my appointments, contacts and other information. In the case I loose my cellphone or it is damaged, I will be crushed for a couple days until I replace it (I have all my information backed up in the cloud).

Finally, there many other things a cellphone can do for you. I advice you to analyze all the apps and functions out there, so you can add even more power with your phone. As entrepreneurs I’m sure the cellphone will aid you greatly in your daily life and the quest for success and happiness.

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