Telecommuting advantages for your company (part 6)


In this sixth part of the series dedicated to the advantages of telecommuting I will introduce the last one. It is possible that the one I will mention in this post is going to be the most important for your company but remember that you can benefit in many more ways. Telecommuting brings many benefits to your company.


Cost reduction for your company

When we adopt telecommuting in our companies, employees won’t have to travel in a daily basis to our physical facilities in order to perform these tasks. Taking this into account it is logical that many of the costs that are associated with this are going to be reduced.

Let’s start by the biggest one: offices and physical facilities. When our employees have to travel to the company we are going to need offices and places where they can locate and work from these places. If we adopt telecommuting the requirements for workspaces are going to diminish. In this order of ideas we are going to need smaller physical facilities that will be translated in saving money on rent or offices purchase. I recommend keeping some workspaces so that those employees that will need to come to the offices occasionally can perform their tasks.

Additional to what I have just mentioned and also related to the need of travelling to the facilities of the employee, other costs such as public services are going to diminish, such as water and electricity. Other items that will also be reduced are cafeteria expenses that are normally assumed by the employer: coffee, tea, water, among others.

Finally other costs that sometimes the employee assume in order to have better work conditions or that are legal obligations will also be diminished. For example on some countries if the employee has a wage less than a certain number, his employer will be legally obliged to give him a transportation subsidy. Besides this, some companies offer their employees lunch subsidies or have a cafeteria where they can eat and it is the employer the one who assumes the costs. All this will be eliminated when telecommuting is adopted.


As I wrote at first in this post, in this part of the series I was going to introduce the last benefit of telecommuting for the company. However I think it is not fair to present only the benefits of this work modality. On my next post I will present some disadvantages of telecommuting that should be taken into account.


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