The problem with abandoned strategies and tactics

Internet Strategies

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is starting their new business because in most cases they have to start with little financial resources. Excluding entrepreneurs who have their own money to invest, it is very difficult to find a case in which a project has received funds before it shows its viability. This is the reason why entrepreneurs generally start with a great idea but with little financial resources to implement it.

However, in the same way as they lack resources, generally entrepreneurs have ideas they want and need to implement in a short term. Here I am not referring exactly to their business ideas but to complementary subjects entrepreneurs know that are important in order to make their business grow such as presence in social media, Internet advertising and customer service through chat and email.

The problem is that in the same way as the barriers to entry in Internet are very low and implementing these type of strategies is economic, what it is expensive is to maintain them and connect to users among this strategies. How many times have you find abandoned accounts in social media where you ask a question and the company never responds? How many times have you delivered a contact form in a website and never had an answer from the company? If this has never occurred to you, you are a lucky person, because it is a common mistake companies make when they don’t structure their strategy and tactics in a correct way.

When this occurs the costumers won’t be condescending with the company and a big frustration is generated. Therefore the results might be harmful for the company, even more than when these spaces are not enabled.

Finally my invitation to you as an entrepreneur, is not forgetting a company need these type of presences but to remember that once we enable those channels we shouldn’t abandon them. It is true that the company needs to invest money and time, but with a gradual growth it will be possible to accomplish it. A presence that is mismanaged might have costly consequences for the company.


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