Use Big Data to make your company more competitive

Big Data

Internet and technology have brought the possibility to generate a big amount of data, store it and analyze it. IBM has calculated that daily a quintillion of bytes are generated, and this number tend to grow. As I mentioned it, if the generated data is analyzed companies can use it to grow their sales, productivity and in general the overall results. However many times there is so many data generated that it is not possible to analyze it in an efficient way and in real-time.

Today many big corporations have already developed huge projects and capacities to analyze and use this data, because they should be treated as a whole and not individually, in order to obtain the best results. The challenge is different for SMEs because they don’t have the same resources as the big ones, but they have the same need, an in order to analyze huge amount of data they need infrastructure and systematization.

Therefore, the best advice that can be given to a SME is to start to walk the path that will take them to analyze huge quantities of data. Start gently and advance through different projects that will take you to the mentioned goal. If you already have data, the first thing you should do is organize it, and that every new piece of information adapts to what you have designed in your database. Other step can be acquiring a CRM system that helps you to organize your clients’ data. With these bases you can develop a project of Data mining where you are going to be able to understand relationship between data. At the end the idea is to have a system that captures, analyses and manages data in big volumes and that is complex with conventional tools and in real-time.

All the projects I have just mentioned will bring a better service to our clients, more sales, and even more productivity in our company. For a SME it will be very difficult to make a huge step that will take the company to a big data era, but it can walk a path step by step with projects that comply with our budget. Remember these projects are not expenditures, but investments.


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